Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello, people of earth and beyond.

So..I got my new phone today. It's a Samsung Gravity. I LOVE it. I named it Justin Ralph Taylor. Very cool.

I straightened my best friend's hair today. It was work.

I bought the entire Percy Jackson boxed set and a Hunger Games 2012 movie poster. It's AMAZING.

I love my Twitter friends. They're so nice and sweet.

It's Homecoming Week. Today was "Favorite Team" day. Tomorrow is "Nerd Day". I'm wearing plaid and a tie. I already have glasses soo..(; Then tomorrow is "Favorite Character" day. Then it's "Twinkie Day" where dress alike with one or more people. Then it's "Tiger Pride" day. We're the Broken Arrow Tigers so we wear BA stuff. Done. I'll wear my band shirt. It's a nice shirt.

Well...a bunch of my favorite books are coming out. And so are some awesome movies. Like Abduction. I SO wanna see that.


Justin Bieber Tumblr. I like Justin Bieber

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  1. Congrats on getting your new phone!!! Wooo, I have a Samsung too!! Not Gravity though, it's a touch-screen Corby.
    You have a twitter? That's really cool =) I've always wanted to make one but according to my friends Facebook is cooler than twitter. I think I'll make one soon anyway. You post the COOLEST photo's on ur blog, where do you get them?? XD I HEART the 'what is love' one, and the red converses ( My second fave sneaker brand!! First are Ecko Red's) and the rainbow paint is wonderful.
    xoxo, Maya