Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boys. Are. IDIOTS. And So Are Girls.

 So yesterday was my birthday!! WHOOP! I got Forever by Maggie Stiefvater, The Lying Game by Sara Shepard, and this really nice top from Forver 21. And my friend, Jewel, got me a ring and we're gonna see Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark this Saturday. It's gonna be awesome. for the title of this goes. Boys. They're disgusting. And girls are jaanvers. When girls wear like..short shorts and a tank and a guy says something perverted they get offended. Uh..HELLO?!!? YOU were the one that caused them to say that!! Dress modestly and don't look like a..SWH.
 And boys..well in my math class they were having a fight about Jersey Shore. That's retarded. Jersey Shore is the most digusting. pointless show about the world's biggest idiots and sluts ever. I mean..come on. Get real. "They're a disgrace to Italians." That's what my math teacher said.
 And there this guy I used to think was slightly attractive but he's a year older than me so we finally "saw" each other this year. He doesn't like me but I honestly don't care. And he keeps looking at my lunch table. So we did an experiment and moved across the cafe and he moved his friends right next to us. What. An. Idiot. And this guy..he petted my hair today. He's such a creeper. And he asked me if I eat dead babies. Really? I mean, really?! *idiots*
 My new favorite song is "Eyes Wide Shut" by JLS. They're British but you guys should check them out. You know that song, "Everybody's in love, come on put yo' hands up, if you're in love put you hands up, HAND UP!" They sing that.
 I hate boys. Men. The male species. Except for the ones I'm related to.

 Isn't Justin cute?(:


Well I need to visit my toilet. LATER(:

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