Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am sad. Would you like to know why? Well too bad, because I'm tell you whether you want to know or not. My best ever friend. Is moving. It would be fine if it wasn't so far away. Where is she moving, you ask? 3 clues: Big Ben. London Eye. My mom's side lives there. Yep..she's moving to LONDON. LONDON!!! LONDON, ENGLAND!!! I'M GOING TO DIE!!! I'M NEVER GONNA SEE HER AGAIN!!! EVER!!! IT'S HORRBLE!! I FEEL LIKE CRYING BUT THE TEARS WON'T COME!!! I HATE THIS!!

And..Pretty Little Lairs is ending tonight. It's very saddening. My FAVORITE part of the this season?

I will now proceed to go to my bed and cry. Later.

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's My Birthday On Wednesday!! :P

Dudes. I have to tell you about my day. So first of all..band was awesome. I was honestly thinking of quitting, because 1. It got boring. 2. ..just cause'. But everytime I step in that classroom and we play together...it's like..how could ever leave this? Have you ever felt that? We have our first game this Friday and we get to play in the stands. Well..I'm from a small town called Broken Arrow and we take pride in our band programs. Mainly because we have one of the highest ranked bands in the country, called (ironically) "The Pride of Broken Arrow." So..it's really cool to be a part of it. Haha my science teacher is offically the coolest person ever. She loves Selena Gomez, she's been to a Justin Bieber concert, she loves Man V. Food, she likes meat, and enjoys television. She's awesome. My English teacher gave me a headache today. Her voice is so high and squeaky it will LITERALLY give you a headache. I hate my math class, as I've said. Today just proved it. Like this one complete IDIOT was talking about how he was in a fight with another teacher about...well I can't tell you because 1. It's kinda wrong. 2. My cousin, Soumbal, follows this blog and would give me a lecture and I would be annoyed. So if you wanna now message me or if you're one of my Blah-g girls ask me there(; Today really remided me how much friends and friendship means to me. I love all my friends and the one's I have just made. "Make new friends, and keep the old, One is silver and the other's gold." (: My mother ditched me at school today. It wasn't fun....PICTURE TIME!!

Bye. xoxoxo

Friday, August 26, 2011


Alright..so I watched the new Pretty Little Liars and at this point I am P*SSED. Okay so the girls FINALLY get the nerve to tell someone about A and she has to go and freakin KILL the therapist!! Well she didn't but the text said "the doctor is out." So. A is a vicious little noob.Who needs to get over it. And Mike was so CUTE in this episode. It made me cry.Oh and..IT'S MY BIRTHDAY IN..4 DAYS!!! Awwwhhh yeah!! ♥ It's epic. Who watches The Lying Game? I really wanna know what happened to Sutton. So this is a short post but here's pictures of awesomeness: 

Oh Adam...(:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My First Day..As A Freshman.

Alright..so today was cool. I liked it and it really was a good experience. We have more freedom and our library is AH-MAZING. But..my locker is next to the boy's restroom... -__________- Not very good. Well my first hour is Wind Ensemble. (I play the clarinet!!) Basically that class is for really good band players, andI felt privledged to be with all those sophomores because there were only 5 freshmen in that group. My second hour is Physical Science Pre-AP and I got lost. But I made it just in time and the teacher..well she tried to hard to be funny. My third hour was English 9 Pre-AP and..the teacher there has a squeaky voice. My best friends are in that class though. Then I had lunch..blah. I went to Algebra and got stuck in a class with sophomore idiots who failed last year and they also have nice hair. But they're still idiots. Then I had...crap..I forgot..wait for it..OH! Yeah I had Spanish 2 for 5th hour. The teacher was alright. And most of my Spanish crew from last year are in that class. Then 6th hour is Pre-AP US Government..the teacher is Mr. Nulf and he calls himself "The Nulfinator." Then the bell rang and I hung out with all my friends for a bit until my mom came. Then I had some Chinese food and watched the new Pretty Little Liars. I feel sad that the summer finale is next week. My life will be over then. I just watched 5 episodes of Shake It Up.  I have decided I will marry Adam Irigoyen. He plays Duece. He's hilarious. That's him on the left..obviously. Wel..bye(: xoxoxo

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

High School..

Yep. Today's my last OFFICIAL day of summer. School starts tomorrow..did I mention that it's HIGH SCHOOL? My first day of 9th grade. It doesn't really help that I have to wear my scarf on my head but hey, we gotta start somewhere. Oh..and my birthday is in 6 days.
My current obsessions/being dedicated that are keeping my sane are as follows: Shake It Up! I ah-dore the show. It's hilarious and I love Gunther and Tinka.
 "I am Gunther!" "And I am Tinka!" *together* "And we are THE HESSENHEFFERS!!" Rocky has the most ah-mazing hair and clothes that I would KILL to have. And CeCe makes me crack everytime.
I also I'm living on Pretty Little Liars. I mean seriously someone needs to trell A to back off! She really is getting on my nerves. The season finale is next week..I might cry. It basically means no PLL till January..it's saddening.
 Oh and..awesome music is keeping me alive. Oh and Kingsley. You NEED to visit his YouTube page. Luaghing until you pee your pants..guarenteed.