Friday, September 16, 2011

Epic FAIL.

 So I tried to take a picture of my in my Gawd awful band uniform. Here's whate happened: I got the digital camera ready, made my hair look semi decent by curling it, got into the uniform. The camera didn't work. I went down to get my mother's camera. The lens was small. So I switched it out for a longer one. Then I got the picture. But I can't find the cord so I can downlaod the picture. So now I'm mad. It was stupid.

 So two days in a row I haven't had homework. It was great. But I felt like I didn't have a life without worring about homework so I did an extra credit assignment.

 I haven't read anything in ages.

 iCarly is coming up with a new season and Gibby's voice is so much deeper, he's gotten taller, he's not as fat, he looks..GOOD(:

 I'm painting my room tomorrow.

 I need to sleep in before I die.

 I have a stupid project in English.

I really miss Pretty Little Liars. It's like my life has died. I am dead right now. I will be reborn in October.

 I hate the kids in Pride because they all pretent to hate it and act like they're better than the rest of us. And they whine. And they're rude. I hate them.

 I want to be a child again.




  1. I miss PLL too :( but you know what.... i actually prefer Lucas to Caleb... :S

    I wanna see your uniform!!! Also i want to see your new room when it's done! :D


  2. I loved your last few pictures. The dog and the baby were adorable. Also, I miss Switched at Birth. Is there any way you can make January come BEFORE October so I can have my craving satisfied?

    You'll find the card and then you'll post the picture. Done, done, and done. Also, what color did you end up painting your room? So fun! :D

    Loving you!