Sunday, September 18, 2011


Sup'. Dudes, I was in this huge storm yesterday coming home from a friend's house, and it was like 9 and super drak and stroming and hailing. And I thought I was gonna die. To make matter worse before I got in the car I tripped and scraped my feet, my knee, and my hands. It hurts. I was listening to Justin Bieber in the car (Down To Earth) and praying and I would've gona insane if it weren't for him. And to my cousin Soumbal who will end up yelling at me for saying that: Get over it. You're not a Belieber. You don't get it. Don't be an uptight granny(: Love youss<3

Haha well I have a huge list of things I need/want:

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
Never Have I Ever
a Nike drawstring bag
a locker lock for my band locker
Seventeen mag
Adidas sweats
new Fila shoes

Yep I want alot of things. And Justin's new album comign out in November. Can't wait!!

I will visit the Wizarding World of Harry P. one day. I love HP more than JB. And THAT is saying something.

Le Printemps.

Austin♥ - Austin's Mahomies Photo (23538235) - Fanpop Love you Austin. <3

Tumblr_lqr7k75okc1qf0kdao1_500_large Forver the prankster<3

Tumblr_lq1kz0dncx1qhbc2uo1_500_large Oh Chris<3



lets make some NOISE!

31935398_large Mother and son<3




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  1. Sorry about getting stuck in the storm! At least you had your music. :) I love how a third of your list are books. Yay reading.