Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I. Am. P*ssed. Off.

GOD!! You know that dumb band 1Direction?! Well there's this Muslim guy in it, Zayn Malik. And obviously on Twitter you have these INSANE fangirls who just are ready to defend him, and ONLY him, if someone's mean to him cuz of his religion. But..miGawd, there's this one chick...she loves Zayn and always sticks up for him but trashes Muslims any chance she gets. Uh HELLO?!?! You are completely conceited!! I HATE people like that!! I swear ALL those 1D fans are like that!! They're all ASSHOLES!! They are prisses b*tches who have no life, no brains, and are complete IDIOTS!!! GAWD!!! EITHER YOU LIKE HIM FOR HIM AND YOU SUPPORT HIM NO MATTER WHAT, YOU DON'T TRASH HIM FOR HIS RELIGION. I personally don't give a flying pig's tail about 1D. But I'm not gonna be rude. I hate people who don't understand. I hate people. I hate people who judge. I hate CONCEITED PEOPLE. GAWD!!!! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!! You know...who gives. I REALLY hope they get a fat punch one day. That life hits them in the face. That they find a brain.
Bahaha you know what my friend said?! She goes, "Dude, where were you born?" I'm like, "Here." And she's like, "But you're MUSLIM!!" Me, "So? It's a religion, not a place." "But...where were you born in?" Me: -___________________- So I explain to her that Muslims are the followers of Islam. She's like, "But WHAT ARE YOU?" I sigh. Explain again. "But..what's your religion." I'm angry at this point. I explain that she's Christian so she practices Christianity not the other way around. SHE STILL DOESN'T GET IT. She's my friend but a COMPLETE DUMB-ASS!!! GAWD!! Some people don't have a brain.

A more detailed blog tomorrow about more pleasant stuff. Thanks for listening to me vent.

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