Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Am Back. Hopefully.

Well hello people of Earth and beyond. Well hopefully not beyond because that means your an alien but whatever.

Anyway, I'm a lazy bum which is why I haven't been posting. So now that I have an iPod maybe that'll change. So. New things coming up that are as follows:

Friday: football game -_- I have to perform
Saturday: band practice -_- and I have to get my uniform
September 6th: VMA's
September 13th: Nialler's birthday (((:

That's it.

So as for my life:
I am officially a sophomore aka a tenth grader. Which means next year I'm heading off to the senior high. Bigger school. More people. Not my thing considering I hate everyone.
I am in AP US History. So far it's good not to hard but knowing me I'll slack off. But it's going good. My favorite class is Biology. Cause I can goof off ((:
I haven't been reading much.. Actually I'm reading Catching Fire!! I bought a mockingjay bracelet, it's so cool!!!
I want to go to London.

OKAY. Picture time is cancelled until I can figure how to do it on my iPod. So.
I am tired of your presence. DISMISSED!!!!

Just kidding love y'all (; x

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So I said I was going to blog more(: Before I begin I'm going to start something called, "Commenting On Comments" Basically, if you comment I'll reply on my next blog post. So here goes:

Commeting On Comments

Soumbul: Yes. New blog post. Don't faint.
Des: Yeah girl!! Haha, I have so much more to talk about! Stay tuned. I love you as well!!(:

Anyways..went back to school today. Band was pointless because I couldn't play thanks to my appliance/orthotic. We have contest in 2 weeks!! This is the highlight of year!! 2nd hour was tiring and boring. Science really bores me. English was alright. we're doing a huge research paper about a AP author and we got a packet about a inch thick!! Lunch was alright..I had frito chili pie, a cinnamon roll, apple juice, and a cookie! Math was probably the best!! The guys aren't as annoying anymore. We're preparing for our Algebra EOI. I hope I pass! This year has been so amazing for me, I had an A all year for the first time in 3 years. Spanish 2 was awkward..we had to get in groups and the people in my group were nice it was just awkward. In OK History..I got so mad. This girl named, Taren, who I honestly, HONESTLY, hate started talking about One Direction. She was lie, "Neil is mine!!!" First of all, his name is Niall, and it's pronounced NILE, NOT NEIL. UGH. I really don't like her at all. If she died I don't think I would care that much..I mean I would feel sorry for her family but I really wouldn't care.
You guys..today history was made. I discovered that my cousin, Soumbul, knows the boys of 1D, she knows where they're from, what songs they auditioned with (they were on the British XFactor,), and what happened to Louis's foot!!  BTW it's pronounced, "LOU-EH" not Lewis. I thought I was gonna cry I was so proud. Just so you all know:

Harry Styles: From Chesire, auditioned with "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder.

Zayn Malik: From Bradford aka the Bradford Bad Boi. Auditioned with "Let Me Love You" by Mario.

Louis Tomlinson: From Doncaster aka the Swagmasta From Doncasta. Auditioned with "Hey There Delilah" by The Plain White Tees.

Liam Payne: From Wolverhampton. Auditioned with "Cry Me A River" by Michael Buble. Absolutely nailed it.

MY FAVORITE, HE'S BEAUTIFUL. Niall Horan: From Mullingar, Ireland aka the Fresh Prince of Mullingar. Auditioned with "So Sick" by NeYo.

And this is Paul. Their bodyguard. I love Paul. It's my life goal to get a picture with Paul. Now go tweet him and tell him he's amazayn. (@paulyhiggins)




Sunday, March 25, 2012


So..I haven't written on here in awhile. I'm sorry. I'm a lazy person. I'm gonna have to start making a writing schedule, haha!! So..to catch you all up on what has happened: football games are over, THANK GOD.
I haven't seen Dillon in ages /:
I haven't read a book in ages.
I think I'm dying.
I discovered Tumblr awhile ago and became addicted. My Tumblr was a blog of like really cute pictures like the ones I have on here, then it became a Bieber blog, and now it's completely dedicated to my favorite bands, The Wanted and One Direction. Although I don't think I'm that big of a fan of 1D anymore. But that's another story altogether. I'll make a seperate blog post about that later.
And, I painted my room. It's a really nice shade of pink!! And one side of my wall is completely filled with quotes and drawings and graffiti. My mom hates it which makes it even more enjoyable!!
School's going okay..that's a lie. I have straight B's. English class will be the death of me. The class I'm doing well in is math. OF ALL THE CLASSES, MATH. *le dead*
I have finally started getting treatment for my teeth. I got an appliance put in yesterday, that's supposed to help my jaw move forward and once that happens we can start the braces. GURLS, IT HURTS. I CAN'T EAT. I BRUSH MY TEETH 7 TIMES A DAY. IT'S A PAIN IN MY TEETH.
And as I was writing this I found out my friend's grandma had a heart attack and has a less than 50% chance of living so a moment of silence for her. *le pause*
Also..I have nothing to say..my life is so boring.
I love The Wanted.
I hope I can go to England this summer!! It would be amazing.
The weather is so bi-polar here it's not even funny. One day it's hot and the next day it rains. Spring Break has been nothing but rain and it depresses me.
I'm lactose intolerant. We found out last week so I can't eat cheese. AT ALL. IT SUCKS. And don't really care for milk but my mom is making me have one glass of "lactose free" milk everyday. It's not that bad. It's pretty sweet, actually.
I've decided that I HATE Romeo and Juliet. We just studied the play in English and watched the movie, the version with Leonardo DiCaprio. I HATE THE PLAY. THE MOVIE SUCKED AND WAS SO INAPPROPRIATE. LEONARDO IS SO FLAWLESS BUT NOW HE'S DOUGHY SO HE'S FLAWFUL.
Picture Time:


 ONE DIRECTION (but they don't look like that anymore..waaay more..matured.) ;D


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Suck.

I suck. I really do. I haven't written a blog in ages. I SUCK. But..I'll recap you in everything that is somewhat important.

1. The football games went great!! I made a new friend: his name is Dillon. He creeps me out but he's hilarious. He gave me a nickname but it's inappropriate so I can't tell you.

2. The Pride won Regionals AND Grand Nationals!! So they're the best marching band in the nation!! When the came home (Sunday night) I went to see "Welcome back!" to my friends and I was so proud of them! The trophy was gorgeous.

3. I've been reading. I've finished most of the It Girl series, re-read The Series Of Unfortunate Events; I've been reading those since I was 6, and started up the Gossip Girl series.

4. We found chicken kiev at Sam's Club. I'm in love. My mother also bought hummus. YUM.

5. I was a finalist in the Callie Contest on Figment!! It was cool. I also won the Hush Hush series on Novel Novice, although I haven't recieved it yet.

6. Justin Bieber's new album came out and I can't wait to recieve it in the mail. Also, for the record, Justin did not have..IT with that 20 year old and helped..produce that child. He took a paternity test and it wasn't him. She did it for fame. Done, done, and done.

7. Kingston, inTENsity, John Lindahl, and Cody Simpson have all followed me within the past month. <3

8. I feel horrible because I haven't kept in touch with Des, Noemi, and all my other Blah-g girls..I'm SO sorry..Des, you need to DM me your college address, I have a care package for you(;

9. I have an A in everything except for Spanish and Government which are high B's. Yep..I have an A in math. HALLELUJAH!!

10. My math class is very entertaining.

11. I'm going to see Breaking Dawn with my friends, hopefully.










Tumblr_lrw48qxtxl1ql3j9ro1_500_large YUM<3






Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Life.

 So..important things that have happened to me:

 I made up a new dance with my friends during a football game then proceeded to get yelled at.

 Got the entire boxed set of Percy Jackson books.


 Got angry.

 Laughed some more.

 Also..I need to read an AP book by Friday. Oh poo. I chose Uncle Tom's Cabin. YAY.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rachel's Challenge.

Rachel Joy Scott.

First student killed.

Columbine High.


Worst school shooting in the HISTORY of the United States.

Today Rachel's brother, Craig Scott, gave us a presentation about Rachel's message.

"I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same."

Compassion. If one person, says one little nice, kind thing about another, it'll start a reaction. You will make that person feel good.

I can't tell you how many people I connected with today.

I was moved. I was in awe. I bawled. I cried my eyes out. My eyeliner was all over my face.

Craig brought us a story of a girl who was killed. Who was killed before she had a chance to do the things we all will do. He brought us the story of himself.

Craig was in the library where the worst was happening. He saw his best friends die. He saw his friend Isaiah, who was black, being abused about it by the shooters, seconds before they shot him. Killed him.

Craig told us, to always be kind. To show a little compassion. To never underestimate what you have. Treat people well.

I cried today. I bawled, as I said. Because, that story, hearing it from someone who is such a good speaker, from someone who was there, experienced it. Just hearing his words.

Today, was the most inspiring, happiest, life-changing day, of my existence.

I encourage ALL of you, to go to http://www.rachelschallenge.org/ and challenge yourself. Ask you teachers to book an event. Ask them. You never know until you try.

I promise you, it will be the best experience you will ever have.


Rachel Joy Scott.

Isaiah Eamon Shoels

Matthew Joesph Kechter

John Robert Tomlin

Kyle Robert Velaquez

Lauren Dawn Townsend

Daniel Lee Rohrbough

Daniel Conner Mauser

Kelly Ann Fleming

Corey Tyler DePooter

Steven Robert Curnow

Cassie Rene Bernall

Coach William "Dave" Sanders

You are all remembered. You are all missed.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Life Of A Teenaged Band Nerd.

So..you guys wanted a blog post. Here you go(:

So on Friday I had my football game against Putnam City West. I left the house in my God awful uniform, pedratric shoes, cut-up gloves, too small hat, and broken pride. BAHAHA DO YOU GUYS REALIZE HOW IRONICLY FUNNY "BROKEN PRIDE" WAS!! Our band is called the Pride of Broken Arrow!! BAHAHA that was funny..I'm weird.

Anyways, my friend Kristin and I were driving there, and another band nerd in a crappy jeep, rear-ended us. So we laughed and made faces at him. We arrived at the high school and I felt stupid because I had no clue what I was doing.

So we got into set and we did a couple run-throughs of the pre-game show. I was so nervous, I stepped off wrong, sweat was dripping down my back, and I felt like a loser.

Then we walked and played down the field and the same guy who said this at the last game goes, "Free hot dogs if you step out of line!" I laughed..and totes should have stepped out of line.

So we ran to the ends of the field and waited..then..it was time. The percussion started us..and we were off. We ran, we played, we screamed, we danced, we yelled BA! PRIDE!, we were epic. (":

Got into the stands after the pre-game show was over and I was awesome. I played every song, danced the songs we were supposed to dance on, got everyone peppy, got free food. I loved it.


So..school tomorrow. I don't want to go. I'm sick.

Well..I'm a lazy person but..longer..better..picturifyed blog post tomorrow. Farewell my friends.