Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Suck.

I suck. I really do. I haven't written a blog in ages. I SUCK. But..I'll recap you in everything that is somewhat important.

1. The football games went great!! I made a new friend: his name is Dillon. He creeps me out but he's hilarious. He gave me a nickname but it's inappropriate so I can't tell you.

2. The Pride won Regionals AND Grand Nationals!! So they're the best marching band in the nation!! When the came home (Sunday night) I went to see "Welcome back!" to my friends and I was so proud of them! The trophy was gorgeous.

3. I've been reading. I've finished most of the It Girl series, re-read The Series Of Unfortunate Events; I've been reading those since I was 6, and started up the Gossip Girl series.

4. We found chicken kiev at Sam's Club. I'm in love. My mother also bought hummus. YUM.

5. I was a finalist in the Callie Contest on Figment!! It was cool. I also won the Hush Hush series on Novel Novice, although I haven't recieved it yet.

6. Justin Bieber's new album came out and I can't wait to recieve it in the mail. Also, for the record, Justin did not have..IT with that 20 year old and helped..produce that child. He took a paternity test and it wasn't him. She did it for fame. Done, done, and done.

7. Kingston, inTENsity, John Lindahl, and Cody Simpson have all followed me within the past month. <3

8. I feel horrible because I haven't kept in touch with Des, Noemi, and all my other Blah-g girls..I'm SO sorry..Des, you need to DM me your college address, I have a care package for you(;

9. I have an A in everything except for Spanish and Government which are high B's. Yep..I have an A in math. HALLELUJAH!!

10. My math class is very entertaining.

11. I'm going to see Breaking Dawn with my friends, hopefully.










Tumblr_lrw48qxtxl1ql3j9ro1_500_large YUM<3