Wednesday, August 24, 2011

High School..

Yep. Today's my last OFFICIAL day of summer. School starts tomorrow..did I mention that it's HIGH SCHOOL? My first day of 9th grade. It doesn't really help that I have to wear my scarf on my head but hey, we gotta start somewhere. Oh..and my birthday is in 6 days.
My current obsessions/being dedicated that are keeping my sane are as follows: Shake It Up! I ah-dore the show. It's hilarious and I love Gunther and Tinka.
 "I am Gunther!" "And I am Tinka!" *together* "And we are THE HESSENHEFFERS!!" Rocky has the most ah-mazing hair and clothes that I would KILL to have. And CeCe makes me crack everytime.
I also I'm living on Pretty Little Liars. I mean seriously someone needs to trell A to back off! She really is getting on my nerves. The season finale is next week..I might cry. It basically means no PLL till's saddening.
 Oh and..awesome music is keeping me alive. Oh and Kingsley. You NEED to visit his YouTube page. Luaghing until you pee your pants..guarenteed.

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