Friday, August 26, 2011

Sooo..... I watched the new Pretty Little Liars and at this point I am P*SSED. Okay so the girls FINALLY get the nerve to tell someone about A and she has to go and freakin KILL the therapist!! Well she didn't but the text said "the doctor is out." So. A is a vicious little noob.Who needs to get over it. And Mike was so CUTE in this episode. It made me cry.Oh and..IT'S MY BIRTHDAY IN..4 DAYS!!! Awwwhhh yeah!! ♥ It's epic. Who watches The Lying Game? I really wanna know what happened to Sutton. So this is a short post but here's pictures of awesomeness: 

Oh Adam...(:


  1. I don't watch either show, butI would be mad too. I hate when they kill off charries I like! The pictures are so adorable. I <3 Bella! :D

  2. I know and the therapist was so nice. I love Zendaya...actully I love all of them evern Flynn.

  3. Good to see your writing in your blog :) I really need to keep up mine!! D: