Monday, August 29, 2011

It's My Birthday On Wednesday!! :P

Dudes. I have to tell you about my day. So first of was awesome. I was honestly thinking of quitting, because 1. It got boring. 2. ..just cause'. But everytime I step in that classroom and we play's could ever leave this? Have you ever felt that? We have our first game this Friday and we get to play in the stands. Well..I'm from a small town called Broken Arrow and we take pride in our band programs. Mainly because we have one of the highest ranked bands in the country, called (ironically) "The Pride of Broken Arrow."'s really cool to be a part of it. Haha my science teacher is offically the coolest person ever. She loves Selena Gomez, she's been to a Justin Bieber concert, she loves Man V. Food, she likes meat, and enjoys television. She's awesome. My English teacher gave me a headache today. Her voice is so high and squeaky it will LITERALLY give you a headache. I hate my math class, as I've said. Today just proved it. Like this one complete IDIOT was talking about how he was in a fight with another teacher about...well I can't tell you because 1. It's kinda wrong. 2. My cousin, Soumbal, follows this blog and would give me a lecture and I would be annoyed. So if you wanna now message me or if you're one of my Blah-g girls ask me there(; Today really remided me how much friends and friendship means to me. I love all my friends and the one's I have just made. "Make new friends, and keep the old, One is silver and the other's gold." (: My mother ditched me at school today. It wasn't fun....PICTURE TIME!!

Bye. xoxoxo

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  1. I love how the title of this post is 'It's my birthday on Wednesday' and yet you didn't discuss that at all! I like the pictures :) (except for the Justin Bieber one... BLEURGH)

    P.S You should just ignore idiot boys... they want the attention... don't even acknowledge what they do or say.. Trust nme, it will totally destroy their 'man pride' ;)