Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Am Back. Hopefully.

Well hello people of Earth and beyond. Well hopefully not beyond because that means your an alien but whatever.

Anyway, I'm a lazy bum which is why I haven't been posting. So now that I have an iPod maybe that'll change. So. New things coming up that are as follows:

Friday: football game -_- I have to perform
Saturday: band practice -_- and I have to get my uniform
September 6th: VMA's
September 13th: Nialler's birthday (((:

That's it.

So as for my life:
I am officially a sophomore aka a tenth grader. Which means next year I'm heading off to the senior high. Bigger school. More people. Not my thing considering I hate everyone.
I am in AP US History. So far it's good not to hard but knowing me I'll slack off. But it's going good. My favorite class is Biology. Cause I can goof off ((:
I haven't been reading much.. Actually I'm reading Catching Fire!! I bought a mockingjay bracelet, it's so cool!!!
I want to go to London.

OKAY. Picture time is cancelled until I can figure how to do it on my iPod. So.
I am tired of your presence. DISMISSED!!!!

Just kidding love y'all (; x

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