Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So I said I was going to blog more(: Before I begin I'm going to start something called, "Commenting On Comments" Basically, if you comment I'll reply on my next blog post. So here goes:

Commeting On Comments

Soumbul: Yes. New blog post. Don't faint.
Des: Yeah girl!! Haha, I have so much more to talk about! Stay tuned. I love you as well!!(:

Anyways..went back to school today. Band was pointless because I couldn't play thanks to my appliance/orthotic. We have contest in 2 weeks!! This is the highlight of year!! 2nd hour was tiring and boring. Science really bores me. English was alright. we're doing a huge research paper about a AP author and we got a packet about a inch thick!! Lunch was alright..I had frito chili pie, a cinnamon roll, apple juice, and a cookie! Math was probably the best!! The guys aren't as annoying anymore. We're preparing for our Algebra EOI. I hope I pass! This year has been so amazing for me, I had an A all year for the first time in 3 years. Spanish 2 was awkward..we had to get in groups and the people in my group were nice it was just awkward. In OK History..I got so mad. This girl named, Taren, who I honestly, HONESTLY, hate started talking about One Direction. She was lie, "Neil is mine!!!" First of all, his name is Niall, and it's pronounced NILE, NOT NEIL. UGH. I really don't like her at all. If she died I don't think I would care that much..I mean I would feel sorry for her family but I really wouldn't care.
You guys..today history was made. I discovered that my cousin, Soumbul, knows the boys of 1D, she knows where they're from, what songs they auditioned with (they were on the British XFactor,), and what happened to Louis's foot!!  BTW it's pronounced, "LOU-EH" not Lewis. I thought I was gonna cry I was so proud. Just so you all know:

Harry Styles: From Chesire, auditioned with "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder.

Zayn Malik: From Bradford aka the Bradford Bad Boi. Auditioned with "Let Me Love You" by Mario.

Louis Tomlinson: From Doncaster aka the Swagmasta From Doncasta. Auditioned with "Hey There Delilah" by The Plain White Tees.

Liam Payne: From Wolverhampton. Auditioned with "Cry Me A River" by Michael Buble. Absolutely nailed it.

MY FAVORITE, HE'S BEAUTIFUL. Niall Horan: From Mullingar, Ireland aka the Fresh Prince of Mullingar. Auditioned with "So Sick" by NeYo.

And this is Paul. Their bodyguard. I love Paul. It's my life goal to get a picture with Paul. Now go tweet him and tell him he's amazayn. (@paulyhiggins)





  1. Unfortunately... I'm not proud that I know all that stuff about that... intact I'm quite worried :/

  2. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION SO MUCH AS WELL!!! Niall is my favorite too! I love my Nialler