Friday, July 1, 2011

My Crazy Cousin Who Wants To Rid Me Of My Bieber Fever.

Now. My cousin has a crazy idea that Justin Bieber is a terrible person who has taken over my brain. I think not!! He is a wonderful person who happens to be a a slight bighead. And she also thinks that Austin Mahone (who is also a wonderful person who IS NOT a bighead) is ruining my mind, along with Pretty Little Liars. If you have not heard of these three things I suggest you get OUT OF THE BIG ROCK YOU'VE BEEN LIVING UNDER. She also assumes that my Twitter account is the source of my.. ''obsessions''. But I have deleted it. Just so she'll be quiet(; And now..I have no life on the internet. So I have made this. To vent, to ''obsess'', to write, to just..have something to check. 

My other cousin has a really bad habit of biting her nails, and fidgeting, and touching her face. I must rid her of these terrible things. This is gonna take some effort..I hate effort.

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